phpBB Studio develops

Extension features

The Studio creates clean and crisp extensions, with bulletproof code consistency and intuitive design. All extensions are created by recognized extension developers with endless phpBB experience. Improve your users' engagement and satisfaction with an extension developed by the Studio.

Well documented

Documentation is key in developing and maintaining top‑notch extensions.

Recognized developers

Insurance of top quality code by acknowledged developers.

Latest phpBB

We always develop and update our extensions to the latest minor version of phpBB.

phpBB Studio
Made with love

We make our extensions with joy and are happy to be able to give something back to the community.

Full support

All issues and questions will be resolved by us for all the extensions we develop.

Creative design

Intuitive and beautiful user interfaces is something we aim for, time and time again.


Get the show on the road
Get started with phpBB
Installation of the latest version
Installation of a language pack
Installation of a custom style
Get with the times
From any version of phpBB
To any version of phpBB
Upgrade filesystem
Upgrade database
Get ahead of the curve
Make your board stand out
Custom fitted to your board
Kept private upon your request
Recognized developers

Testing facilities

We have built ourselves a few vacation homes, some playgrounds, places where we can retreat to and test our extensions in a live environment. These testing facilities are mostly publicly accessible.

Our first and oldest playground. The 3.1 branch has long passed End of Life (EOL), but we keep it around to ensure our older extensions work and to potentially test conversions and backwards compatibility (BC).
This getaway is running on phpBB 3.2 and still actively used. We've mostly figured out how to no longer break everything and now mostly use it to demonstrate our extensions that are requested.
The latest additions to our testing facilities, is on the 3.3 version. Here is where currently most of the magic happens. Or better said, the board where we break things.

The team

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The Netherlands

The Studio is hosted by and we have to say, we are very pleased with their customer support, uptime and customisation possibilities. They allow us to run multiple (sub)domains with various PHP versions for optimal functionality.

So if you're looking for a hosting yourself and want them to be fast, green and secure. Then we suggest you have a look at Kualo's webhosting for a low cost web hosting and services you can depend on. Always.