We offer a wide variety of services to help you with your every need. Whether it is a complete new extension, a conversion from a different bulletin board software or something completely else. Even if what you are wanting to request is not listed, feel free to inquire. We are nice and honest people that don't bite, we will let you know if it is possible and what it might cost.

The same workflow is followed for almost all of our services. The keyword here is almost. While we will always provide maintenance and support for our developed extensions, we can not endlessly provide maintenance and support for (for example) an installation. In these cases we will do the requested service, make sure you are comfortable and then leave you to it.

Studio's workflow

  • Planning

    Discussing the specific request's details.

    Providing an estimated delivery time frame.

    Agreeing on the total cost for the service.

    Receiving 50% of the total cost upfront.

  • Development

    Building the base structure for the back-end.

    Integrating the required controllers for the front-end.

    Continuously testing and looking for any bugs or issues.

    Documenting all the code and functions for clarity.

  • Design

    Styling everything for the default prosilver style.

    Possibly adding customisations for a custom style.

    Making the user interface intuitive and interactive.

    Adding responsiveness to ensure optimization on all devices.

  • Delivery

    Testing through continuous integration.

    Writing any necessary documentation.

    Receiving the remaining 50% of the cost.

    Delivering the final product.

  • Maintenance

    Maintaining the extension's code.

    Keeping up-to-date with phpBB minor updates.

    Small adjustments when requested after deliberation.

    Enjoy ourselves and celebrate!

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